Donating Clothes
Made Simple

The hassle-free way to give pre-loved clothes and raise funds for the charity of your choice

Choose Your Charity

The way you donate your pre-loved clothes has evolved.

No more plastic bags through your door. Just pick a charity to support, book a collection and pack up your clothes.
We do the rest! To get started, click ‘Book a Collection’ on your charity of choice.

Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone in the UK who is struggling to cope. Shout is run by Mental Health Innovations Charity.


Boot Out Breast Cancer

We are committed to fundraising and to making sure that every penny raised is spent on new treatments, clinical trials and breast cancer equipment in the NHS.


When service personnel are injured, they’re admitted to hospital without any personal effects or clothing. Our GRAB BAGS enable wounded servicemen and women to walk off the plane or arrive at hospital with dignity at a time of personal crisis.


Support All Our Partners

If you can’t find the charity of your choice, don’t spend your valuable time deciding which one to support, just order a collection to support all of our partner charities.

Funds raised will be divided equally among all charities.

Why Donate Clothes?

Declutter your wardrobe. But leave your heart full.

Clothes Collection Box

By giving us your pre-loved clothes and textiles, you’ll:

How is your money spent?

Thanks to your clothes donations we’ve raised

We give 82% of proceeds
to your chosen charity
£ 0 M
million & counting
for our partner charities

How it Works

Donating Clothes Made Simple

Choose your charity

Pick one of our growing selection of amazing British partner charities. They’ll directly benefit from the sale of your clothes.

Book your collection

Follow the simple steps to book a collection on the day of your choice. You’ll have the chance to leave us instructions.
man and woman donating clothes

Bag up your preloved clothes

Pop your clean, pre-loved clothes and textiles in a bag or box of your choice. Then leave them in the prearranged place on your collection day.

We collect your clothes

On collection day, we’ll message you with an approximate collection time. Simply leave your clothes out in the place you specified.

Your chosen charity benefits

Once we’ve sorted and sold your pre-loved items, your chosen charity receives 82% of the proceeds. Fundraising with a charity clothing collection scheme has never been so easy.

Please donate:

Please don’t give us:

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Ready to declutter your wardrobe but leave your heart full?

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