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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

Donate Clothes UK is part of Your Donation Ltd, which has been collecting your pre-loved clothes to raise funds for British charities since 2011. In that time, we’ve raised over 1.73 million for our partner charities. By giving your clothes the chance of a second home, you’re also reducing their environmental impact by ensuring they don’t end up in landfill. Declutter your wardrobe, but leave your heart full with Donate Clothes!
Unlike most charity clothes collection services, we don’t put plastic bags through your door. Instead, you pick a charity to support, book a collection on a convenient day and pack up your pre-loved clothes in a bag or box of your choice. Not only does this reduce plastic use. It also makes our journeys to collect your clothes more economical.

What Can I Donate?

We’d love all your clean pre-loved adults and children’s clothes as well as shoes in pairs. Underwear and socks are welcome, as are accessories like belts and handbags. We also collect curtains and bedding (provided it’s in a good condition) as well as soft toys, perfumes, small bric-a-brac items and ornaments.

Yes, we’d love clean baby clothes too.
Yes, we accept clean towels and curtains.
As the clothing will be heading to a new home, it would be really helpful if you could wash it.
We do, but only if they’re sealed and unopened.
Yes. As long as your perfume bottle is 75% or more full, we’d love to receive it.

Please don’t include soiled or dirty clothes. We’re also not able to take large bric-a-brac items, duvets, pillows, plastic toys, electrical items, CD’s and DVD’s or furniture.

How Does The Collection Service Work?

First, choose a charity to benefit from the proceeds of your clothes. Then follow the steps to book a collection on a day that suits you.
Yes, that is absolutely fine. You can use black bin liners or any other bag or box – the only requirement is that our driver is able to handle it alone.
Of course! Simply leave your bag outside your door or in a safe place and we’ll pick it up. Just make sure you let us know where in the comment box when you book your collection.
We always do our very best to collect your pre-loved clothes on the day of your choice. But we also automatically assign you an alternative date when you book your delivery, 2 working days after your chosen date – this is just in case we’re held up or unable to make the collection for any reason.
What can I do? That’s not a problem, just get in touch or call 0330 380 1677 and we’ll update your details.
Just get in touch or call 0330 380 1677 and we’ll arrange your collection on a day that works.
We’ll send you a confirmation email once we’ve picked up your bag.
Our van has the Donate Clothes logo on it. Your collector will be wearing a hi-vis vest and will carry an ID card.
We’ll be in touch on the morning of your collection day to let you know the approximate time we’ll be with you. It will definitely be between 9am and 5pm.
Although we’re not operating nationwide yet, we’re constantly expanding the areas we collect from. Please check whether we’re collecting from your area by entering your postcode when you book your collection.
No, unfortunately we’re unable to accept donations directly to our warehouse due to health and safety and COVID regulations.
Although there have been cases where we’ve reunited members of the public with their possessions, it is generally not possible to return donated items, mainly because of the large volume of clothes we collect. However, it’s always worth getting in touch – we’ll do our very best to help!
Yes, of course. Just give us your instructions in the comment box when booking your collection and we’ll let your driver know.
Just take your bag of pre-loved clothes indoors or leave it somewhere sheltered. If your driver can’t find it, he’ll knock on your door to ask where it is. Alternatively, just get in touch or call 0330 380 1677 to let us know your updated instructions.
Just leave us a note in the comment box when you book your collection. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a call if we’re struggling to find you.
Simply leave your collection out on the alternative date you were given when you booked your collection.
Of course! Just pack up your pre-loved clothes in a bag of your choice. Leave them outside on your collection day. And we’ll pick them up. It’s completely contactless.

Charities & Environment

No, although we are registered with the Fundraising Regulator. Working alongside our partner charities, our clothes recycling scheme acts as a fundraising tool.
82% of the proceeds we receive from selling your pre-loved clothes and items. This works out as £200 per tonne of clothing collected.

Your dedicated driver takes your clothes to our warehouse, where they’ll be checked, weighed and sorted, with all the details communicated in a comprehensive report to your chosen charity. Then we export them to Europe, Asia or Africa, giving them a second home and ensuring they don’t end up as landfill. And your chosen charity receives the proceeds.

Ready to declutter your wardrobe but leave your heart full?

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What Can I Donate?

Discover what we do and don’t collect from your doorstep.

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Why recycle your clothes with Donate Clothes?

The climate crisis is engulfing the planet – and the fashion and textiles industry needs to take urgent action to drastically reduce carbon, water and waste from the textiles supply chain.

By donating your pre-loved clothes and textiles, you’re not just supporting a British charity of your choice, helping them raise funds without the need for setting up a shop or collection centre. You’re also propelling the textiles industry towards a circular economy.

Did you know?

An estimated £140m worth of clothing is sent to UK landfill every year. That’s around 350,000 tonnes.

The average UK household owns £4000 worth of clothes.

The value of unused clothes in UK wardrobes is a whopping £30bn.

* Source: WRAP

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