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Spotlight on Dogs Trust

Creating A Better Future For Dogs and The People Who Love Them

Dogs Trust believes that all dogs deserve to live life to the full. Since its inception in 1891, this renowned national charity has been hard at work to create a better future for dogs and the people who love them.

In this post, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Dogs Trust, including:

First things first: What does Dogs Trust do?

When a dog is in distress, Dogs Trust cares for them. When a dog needs a home, Dogs Trust finds them a loving family. When an owner needs a helping hand (or paw) – or they just can’t cope – Dogs Trust is ready to step in.

Dogs Trust helps dogs in need

From rehabilitation to rehoming and healthcare to training, Dogs Trust is there to make life better for dogs in its care. It has 22 rehoming centres in the UK and Ireland and runs the Home from Home fostering scheme, which gives dogs who aren’t comfortable living in a centre a home setting until they’re ready to move in with their new owner.
Spotlight on Dogs Trust

Charity Objective: Creating a better future for dogs and the people who love them.

Dogs Trust helps owners in need

Dogs Trust makes tomorrow’s world a better place for all dogs

From campaigning on issues like puppy smuggling to lobbying governments, funding dog welfare research projects and working towards eliminating rabies, Dogs Trust is committed to making life better for generations of dogs to come.

So, who are these amazing people making a brighter future for dogs?

Brighter future for dogs

Founded by Lady Gertrude Stock in 1891, people are at the heart of Dogs Trust’s story.

Passionate and dedicated, Dogs Trust’s staff and volunteers have driven the charity’s achievements since then – from changing laws and expanding abroad to supporting thousands of dogs and owners.

The Dogs Trust Story

When Dogs Trust was founded in the late nineteenth century, attitudes to dogs were very difference – with practices like prolonged chaining being common. In 1891, Lady Gertrude Stock founded the National Canine Defence League to campaign against cruelty to dogs.

In the following decades, the organisation continued to campaign for better dog welfare, as well as increasing rehoming and starting to work with partners overseas. The charity helped dogs through 2 world wars and in 1978 launched its well-known slogan, “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” And in 2003, the National Canine Defence League became Dogs Trust.

Today, Dogs Trust is the UK’s leading dog welfare charity page – discover more of its rich history and incredible achievements here.

The Dogs Trust Team

From carers and behaviour specialists, vets and volunteers, every member of the Dogs Trust family plays a crucial role in the charity. And what do they share? A love for dogs and a passion for creating a better future for them.

If you’d like to find out more about the charity’s people, head here. You’ll meet chief exec Owen Sharp and dog ambulance driver Steve, for starters.

Quickfire Q & A

To create a better future for dogs and the people who love them.
Way back in 1891 by Lady Gertrude Stock.
With no government funding, Dogs Trust relies on its supporters’ generosity. Donate to them directly or by donating your pre-loved clothes to us. You could also consider volunteering or sponsoring a dog.
So much! The charity’s rallying cry is the promise to never put down a healthy dog. But it works for so much more than that. From opening new homes to commissioning research and lobbying governments, Dogs Trust wants to see all dogs living safe, happy and full lives.

Donate your preloved items to support Dogs Trust

We’re so proud to be partnering with this incredible charity to help create a better future for dogs and the people who love them. Do you feel a wardrobe clear out coming on?!

Ready to declutter your wardrobe to support Dogs Trust?

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