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4 Ways To Donate Your Pre-Loved Items

Ways to donate used clothes

Thinking about recycling clothes you’ve fallen out of love with? That’s brilliant news!

There’s no downside to clothes recycling.

After all, by donating your pre-loved items you’re not just helping raise funds for valuable causes. You’re ensuring they don’t end up as landfill and giving someone else the chance to enjoy them.

But what are your options when it comes to recycling your wardrobe cast offs? Should you donate to charity shops or textile banks? Take them to your local recycling centre? Wait for a plastic bag to be dropped through your door? Or book a clothes collection online?

In this post, we explore a variety of clothes recycling options – and uncover the pros and cons of each.

1 Charity shops

When you think about donating your pre-loved clothes, the first method that springs to mind is likely to be charity shops – after all, there’s nowhere better to pick up a second-hand designer bargain!


Charity shops are a fantastic place to donate:

And a few factors to bear in mind before you load up your car:

2 Textile banks or local recycling centres

Another popular method for donating pre-loved items is by taking them to your local clothing bank or recycling centre.

But always consider:

Recycling Centre

Ready to declutter your wardrobe but leave your heart full?

Pick a charity to find out if we collect in your area.

3 Plastic bags through your door

If you’re reactive (rather than proactive) in your approach to recycling unwanted items from your wardrobe, then you’re probably inclined to wait for a plastic bag to appear on your door mat. Benefits of this approach include:

Recycle pre-loved items

But it is worth thinking about:

4 Booking an online collection (via us, for example!)

Innovators in the industry have upped their game, especially since the pandemic has confined so many of us to our homes. Now, thanks to services like ours, you can book a free online clothes collection on a day of your choice:

Ultimately, it’s fantastic that you’re thinking about recycling your pre-loved clothes. And whatever method you choose, you’ll feel empowered that you’re both supporting an important cause and doing your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of the textiles industry – decluttering your wardrobe but leaving your heart full!

As one of the first clothes recycling companies to introduce an online booking system, we’re proud to be an industry pioneer – helping you donate your pre-loved items through the pandemic and beyond.

Thank you for reading.

For more information on our charity clothes collection and recycling services, please visit our about us page or contact us directly.

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